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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Blah blah blah yada yada

Strange few days, haven't felt like crap at all. For some strange reason, quite the opposite. I don't even have anything in particular to be happy about. I haven't felt shitty though. That's a good thing I guess. Starting to wonder if I'm bi-polar? Dunno, should probably get a professional opinion though.

I started playing Breath of Fire again recently, I got further than that the first time I tried playing the game. I have an Onion on my team, I'm tempted to get rid of Garr in favour for the Onion, he seems to level up fast and gets stupid amounts of HP, I think he'd make a good tank. I've been using Nina has my second team member, googling around suggests I should probably pick Momo, but she can't shoot for shit and misses every single time. I've just got to Angel Tower, interested to see how it all plays out.

I've also been playing Mount and Blade Warband, it's far better than I thought it would be, I haven't got around to downloading mods for it yet either. I made a character called Sabo the Worthless, I can rename him later and will probably change it to Worthy and when I get a castle or become a King I'll change it to Sabo Cashmoney.

I started off as a nobody, made myself a small army, became a mercenary for a while but I've aligned myself with Sarranid Sultante. I think it's called a vassal? I should look it up, but not now. I wish I didn't, the King, Sultan Hakim is a greedy bastard, I've sieged three castles successfully for him and he claimed them all for himself. My reward was a village (Sarrindar? - I can't even remember the name, I'm a terrible lord) but it's in the middle of the Kingdom of Rhodoks so it's constantly raided.  I guess Hakim being a jerk will make it easier when I inevitably decide to overthrow him as King.  Also tried to court Lady Safiya. Was hilarious, she sent some old woman to give me a letter so we could meet. Turn's out Emir Bilya is also trying court her. Scandalous wench!

I decided to talk with her brother, Emir Lakhim, ya know, get his permission or something, if I marry into their family it gives me a good opportunity to get some more land (well it's not there's any real life benefit to marrying in woman in a game). He told me something along the lines of "Listen here lad, she's currently being courted by Emir Bilya, and let's face it, in comparison to him, your no spring chicken". Felt bad, it's like art imitating life.

The Kingdom of the Rhodoks, hate me, their out to kill me, I tend to constantly takeout their armies whenever I see them out on the field though so it's expected.

Anyways, I'm gonna try gain some more renown, get some people behind me and take the throne. Everyone whose a lord within Sarranid Sultante is a jerk, no bro's there thats for sure. If I get the chance, I'll join the Nords or something.

Anywho! Still job hunting, I can't really apply for fulltime work on the weekend cause no one puts up new vacancies on the weekend. Sucks.

In a bit.

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