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Friday, 15 July 2011

Just the same old stuff as before.

Crappy few days. Well day and a half I guess. Wednesday was ok, I was fairly cheery for most of the day, I even went to the cinema with my sister to watch Transformers (not a bad film, but I really don't care for the human characters, in a weird way I wanted the Decepticons to win,

SPOILERS HERE************************************************************************
would like to see Galvatron if they decide to make another one <---- Highlight that shit if you want to see what I want in the next movie
I also gladly paid for everything too, made some terrible jokes and my sister seemed happy. She asked me why I always seem to be in a mood, I didn't want to tell her. Around 6ish I felt crap again, I should stop thinking, it's only when I start thinking I feel shitty.

Got my module results officially yesterday. Spoke to some people, certain people make me feel crappy when I talk to them to various reasons. It's not because of anything they've done to me specifically, it's just stuff. Fuck I don't really even want to say it. I won't say who or why, but I'll read this back and hopefully I'll have no idea who I'm talking about. I decided I'd try to avoid talking to them, but I'm doing a terrible job of it.

The job market doesn't seem amazing, or if it is I'm doing one bad job applying to jobs. Somewhat frustrating to apply to jobs and not even receive a rejection letter as strange as it sounds. Just sitting there with my stupid face and applying to vacancies. Might have to step it up and start sending out speculative emails to businesses. It can't hurt. Worse case I guess they laugh and tell me to piss off.

I think I need to get out of the house or something, seem to be on an emotional roller coaster. That or menopause I guess. The latter would be worrying considering I'm not a woman. Not sure what I can do about it. I don't want to talk about it with anyone, don't see why anyone would give a shit.

I've started playing video games and enjoying them again. It was weird, 4 months ago I was at Uni from 11 till 6, did some more work till around 8, and then played games till around 2 in the morning, sometimes later. The Witcher and Fallout 3. I mean fuck I stayed up till 6 playing The Witcher. More recently I couldn't play anything for more than an hour.

Ended up playing FF8 again the other day, think I've played around 8 hours? and just finished the first disc. Spent alot of time playing cards and battles that mostly consisted for draw,draw,draw,draw,draw,draw,draw,draw,draw,draw,draw,draw,draw, draw,draw,draw,draw,draw,draw,draw,draw,draw, and then attack.

Was somewhat appealing down bosses in a few shots, but fuck, I can't face the grind, if I recall the game gets a fair bit shitter after the first disc.

Started Breath of Fire 3 again, I remember playing it back in school but never really got into it cause I kept getting killed. I think it was against those two horses fuse after Garr joins your party? Not sure, Nina just joined my party and we got out of the castle. I'm looking forward to playing again to be honest.

Bit random, but I came across a dude who does longplays of games on youtube who decided to put a 'freeze' on his uploads cause he wasn't getting enough views, strangely he was bitching at his subscribers in a video about how they weren't watching his viewers and how his hobby is such a time sink. I don't understand it, if it's a hobby, you do it for yourself, right? if you don't enjoy it, why bother? He came across pretty childish, didn't make any sense to me.

But yeah, whatever, just something I came across, people can be so strange. Really don't understand people or the things they do. Sometimes I wish I would, but I don't think it would help much, just confuse me more I guess.

This was long, for some reason I still want to keep typing, I'm not even sure what I can write about. I think I'll leave it that for now.


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