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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Yada yada yada

The Wire is on TV, it's the scene where Omar is in court and he just wraps a tie around his neck. Such a superb series and character, gutted it's over now.

Anyways, second stage for the job interview tomorrow, slightly concerned about the test. Mainly cause I really have no idea what it will consist of. I'll try and be optimistic, but I'll be ready incase I look at the test and have no idea what to do. I seriously hope that isn't the case. But if that's the case, I think I'll need to prepared for rejection.

This week has gone too fast, it'll be Thursday tomorrow, I think it's been over the month since I finished Uni, essentially a month of being idle. Somewhat disappointing, at a bit of a loss here. fuck shit crap bollocks.

Usual crap going on at the moment. Not sure what to now. I want to talk to someone, no idea what to say though. *shrug* I probably won't bother. I don't want to deal with feeling crappy after, I overthink things. I wish I didn't. But I do, not really a good thing.

I'm done.


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